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for hire: creative user-interface designer, website developer, wordpress theme creator. search engine ready websites. mobile theme designer, programmer. css illusionist.


Welcome to YSC! Yonder Shore Creative is the brain child of Todd Dengler. He was the chief website developer for two of the major advertising and marketing ¬†agencies in the Greater Wilmington, North Carolina area since 1998. Since 2008, he’s taken his talents on the road and is now the major development contract for those two agencies on a contract basis.

What that means for you is you get a highly trained, personable programmer who is also an accomplished website, logo, brochure, and print advertisement designer.

YSC primarily builds WordPress websites. WordPress is a highly regarded Content Management System (CMS). It is used worldwide by millions of websites. It is trusted and it is easy to learn.

Contact YSC today and meet Todd. He’ll sit down with you for a free hour and talk to you about your website, logo, and print collateral needs.