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Brand Identity

This is who you are at a glance. It's your very own mark. Your identity. Like no other.

Web Design

Carry your brand to everyone. Make it accessible to everyone. Tell the world who you are!

Rocket Science

While none of this is rocket science, we've been doing this for over 20 years. We can help you shoot for the moon!

I am
Todd Dengler

I am Todd Dengler, a designer/developer from Wilmington, North Carolina. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Communications, from Clemson University. Science. See? It's all about science.

I am passionate about combining function, interaction and form to design for fitting user experiences that make people happy. I have a passion for creating challenging, intuitive and beautiful products. My design process is very hands-on and visual.


Every website I build is fully responsive. That means it will not only work on all your devices, it will look great doing it!

Full Service Web Marketing

I also provide the various levels of expertise in website marketing, inbounding, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and visual enhancement features (like 3D tours)!

How are we Different?

We're different because we're here for you long after we launch your campaign.

I've been in this business long enough to see developers and designers come and go. Appear and disappear. They complete a job and move on.

Not me. I'm here. Right here in Wilmington, North Carolina. Designing and developing websites. Surfing. Paddleboarding. Raising my girls on the water. Not going anywhere.

Just an email away.











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Competitive Edge Performance

website development, ecommerce

Competitive Edge Performance Training

website development, ecommerce, membership

KBee Creations

website development, contract, ecommerce

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I am available for freelance and can't wait for the next exciting project! Could it be yours?